Arts & Crafts Club Newsletters

October Update

Thank you to all of those who attended our General Meeting on September 29th, 2022. It was a good turn out and it is always nice to see group members together for an event. A huge thank you to Warren Begas for sharing his website expertise and Joan Holmstrom and Sharon McHugo for the wonderful cookies and cakes they made.

The wonderful display by Bead Weaving was enjoyed by all. It is always a pleasure to see what wonderful crafts our groups are making.

Members have been asking about renewing membership for 2023.  Renewals are not being accepted at this time. The Board has not finalized the Budget for 2023 and there will be a discussion on raising dues at the next Board Meeting. Dues have not been raised since 2007 for this club.  Details on Renewing membership for 2023 will sent out once the budget proposal is finalized.  You will be able to renew online with one click.



If interested in selling at the SCA craft care on October 22nd, contact Joan Holmstrom.


Happy Crafting,

Lynne Herndon

ACC Club President

Minutes of September 29 2022 General Meeting

Minutes of General Meeting

Sun City Anthem Arts and Craft Club

Thursday, September 29, 2022


  1. Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by Lynne Herndon, Club President, at 2:32 p.m.

A  quorum was established with 52 members present.


  1. Minutes of Prior meeting:  A motion was made by Gerrie Katz Wolf to waive reading of the minutes from the last general meeting.  Anna LaCaze-Massi seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


  1. Officer’s Reports:


Lynne Herndon, President:

Lynne gave an overview of the agenda and meeting.

Lynne also introduced our new 2nd Vice President, Marcia Thompson.  Marcia joins the Board effective October 1.


Rose Woods, Treasurer:

Our current Club balance is $5,961.29.

Rose sent emails to all Group Leaders detailing their remaining budget balances.  Rose also reminded all groups that money in their group account needs to be spent before year end; unspent funds are not carried over.   Attendees were also reminded that requests for reimbursement must contain a second signature.  All were asked to please submit a receipt containing only those items for which reimbursement is being requested.


Joan Holmstrom, 1st Vice President:

Joan reported that display cases have been emptied, cleaned and refilled.  Sales were quiet during the summer, which is normal.  Joan asked anyone interested in selling or displaying their items to contact her.  The past year’s sales totaled $2,991.17 which resulted in $299.17 (10%) going to the Arts and Craft Club.

The Anthem Display area in October will feature knitted pumpkins, ghosts and Fall display.


Claire Veyveris, Secretary:

Claire reported that the Club consists of 357 members.  We have 6 members who are pending until their dues are paid.  2 of those individuals have been pending more than 30 days which puts them in a “warning” status and follow up will be made.

Thus far this year we have had 72 new members.  This includes 4 in June, 6 in July, 5 in August and 8 in September.   We have also archived 4 members who moved out of Sun City Anthem.

With respect to the Sunshine Club, 2 cards were sent out in the last quarter.

Claire reminded everyone that the Club Fair is December 3 and anyone is welcome to join her at the Arts and Craft table.  She will be looking for items from each group to display and showcase the various crafts.


  1. Old Business
  1. Website Status:  Warren Begas

Warren explained the voting process including the online ballot.  All information pertaining to the ballot is confidential and will result in a tally only and contain no information as to how anyone voted.

Warren reiterated the Board’s motion that the website will be the primary means of voting and accommodations will be made for those needing assistance.

In response to a question, Warren reported that the Board has the authority to decide how the voting process will take place.

Warren further explained that online voting can be accessed by two different means.  First is through the Club website with a link to the ballot.  The second way is a link sent via an email that will take the member directly to the ballot.  Paper ballots require an extra step to insure that person has already not voted electronically. Details regarding times for voting assistance will be forthcoming as voting dates draw near.

  1. Woodchips Open House:  Lynne Herndon

The Open House is this Saturday, October 1.  All are encouraged to attend.  The Woodchips area will be highlighted and Billiards and our Arts and Craft Room will be open.  Items will be on display and some also for sale.  Refreshments will be served.


  1. Lockers:  Joan Holmstrom

Joan reported that all 158 lockers are presently occupied and in use.  There are 19 on the waiting list.



  1. Spirit Liaison:  Lynne Herndon

Lynne reported that this position remains vacant and that she is submitting the articles until a new liaison can be found.  The article just submitted highlights Polymer Clay.


  1. New Business
  1. Holiday Party:  Terri Viotto

Terri reported that the party is scheduled for December 5th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Willows at Sun City McDonald Ranch.  There was a recent meeting in which 15 people volunteered to assist and various subcommittees were assigned.  Donations for door prizes continue to be needed with several people immediately volunteering during the meeting.  During the party there will be photo opportunities.  A diverse buffet menu is planned with staff from the Willows serving.  Capacity is set at 100 with a November 7th deadline for signing up.  Terri has forms to be submitted with the $15.00 payment.


  1. Election Committee:  Pam Leslie

Pam Leslie reported on the candidates running for the 2023 Board

President:  Lynne Herndon

            Mary Ann Thyken


1st Vice President:  Joan Holmstrom

                                  Robin Wilen


2nd Vice President:  Marcia Thompson


Secretary:  no one has filed to run as of the meeting date


Treasurer:  Claire Veyveris


This is the current list of candidates; however, nominations can be made up to the November 3rd general meeting, including nominations from the floor during that meeting.


Voting will take place during the week of November 7-14, 2022 with the new Board being announced on November 15.


  1. Arts and Craft Room modifications – Joan Holmstrom

Joan reviewed a drawing of the approved room modifications which will result in additional lockers, additional pull out drawers, a new fold out/up work surface, storage space, cabinets and overhead fans.  Joan further explained that the room temperature cannot be lower than 74 degrees because it would adversely affect kiln operation, so 4 ceiling fans with individual remotes will be installed.  A concern was raised by Robin Wilen of the “strobe effect” from the overhead fans. This concern will be brought by Joan to Shawn Evans, who is managing this, but Joan did point out that the project had already been passed and money designated by the HOA Board at their last meeting.  Discussion was then tabled for now.

  1. Member Comment

The question was asked as to what happens to the 10% proceeds from the display case sales.  Rose Woods responded that the money goes into the general fund for Arts and Crafts Club.


  1. Gift card and door prizes

A gift card to Michael’s was won by Karen Kyllo.  5 pieces of jewelry were also won by lucky door prize ticket holders.


  1. Bead Weaving showcased some of their handmade pieces.  Jan Davison from bead weaving encouraged members to visit this group that meets on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-3 pm.  She further explained the group goes on bi-monthly bead runs to purchase various bead weaving items and holds monthly pot lucks at Liberty Center.

The meeting adjourned for refreshments and socializing at 3:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Claire Veyveris

Secretary, Arts and Craft Club



General Meeting. Sep 29th, 2022

Sorry folks the date in the email was incorrect. Not sure how a June date got in there. Probably a bad auto correct I did not catch. The general meeting is tomorrow Sep 29th. At 2.30 pm. 


General Meeting June 23rd, 2022

Fellow crafters, just a friendly reminder to attend tomorrows meeting general meeting to be help at 2.30 in the Morris Room. The refreshments will be home made cakes.

If you have logged into the website you now can enroll in any of the events listed on the left side of the page. Click on the event then on the calendar where the event is listed.. You will see a green enroll button , just click on that tab if you plan on attending. This will automatically enroll you. You will then see a drop button. Do not hit the drop unless you can no longer attend. This helps in planning events. If you plan on coming to tomorrows meeting try to enroll as practice. 

Following the general meeting, you will have the opportunity to receive help with getting logged in to the website, sign up for sales, the holiday party and nominations for the upcoming board election.  

You may now enroll for the holiday luncheon by opening the calendar and moving to December by clicking on next. Follow the same instruction listed above. 



ACC President.

New Member Orientation

Come and meet your fellow new members. .A new member orientation has been scheduled for October 10th at 10 am in the  Arts & Craft Room.  We are happy you have chosen to join our club and look forward to meeting you all. 

New members will be familiarized with all club operations. Policies and Procedures will be covered along with the design of the room and its contents. You will learn how to join a group and who to contact with questions regarding group activities.

ACC Room Improvements

Hello all,

Lynne and I were at the HOA Board Meeting today to see the Board approve unanimously our room improvements and fund it from the Asset Management Funds.  We are pleased to have all the cabinets, lockers,  fans, etc. that we requested approved so the process may begin.  They will notify Lynne when they have a time needed to install and work in the ACC room so we will need to adjust workshops as needed.  Your group leaders worked with the Board to help plan these improvements so we are grateful for everyone working together on this to improve space usage of our ACC room.  I have attached the diagram of the room with the changes for you to download and view.  However, this doesn't always work.  I will post it on the bulletin board and it is on the website under Club Documents. 

Joan Holmstrom

Introductory Website Training & General Meeting


Just a friendly reminder that there will be two website training sessions this Thursday Sep 22nd 10am-noon and 1-3pm. The training is located in the Green Room located at the Anthem center between the Sewing room and Ceramic room.  Sign up sheets are located in the Arts & Craft Room. If you have not created a password and logged in to the new website this would be a good training to attend. 

Also remember the General Meeting Next week. at 2.0pm in the Morris room.  Bead weaving will showcase their work. Refreshments will be served. 

Lynne Herndon

ACC President.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Good Morning Members, I just wanted to provide information of upcoming events & opportunities.

Website introduction and training for members. In this training members will be shown how to create their password, edit their profile, navigate the website, how to join a group and how to enroll in events etc.  This training will be helpful for the future. Renewing membership for 2023 and Voting for the Board for 2023 will be completed on line.  This training will take place in the Green Room at the  Anthem Center  on September 22nd. Two sessions will be offered one at 10am -noon, and one at 1pm-3pm. Sign up sheets are located in  the Arts & Craft Room.  You can also sign up by goin gto and clicking on the event on left side on the website or the calendar.

September 29th is our general meeting at 2.30pm in the  Morris Penn Room. You can enroll to attend the meeting by clicking on the event on the website. This will help us plan for refreshments if we know approx. the number of members who plan on attending You must have created a password to be able to login. Just go to create new password and complete the information requested and submit. You will then receive an email with further instructions. 

October 1st Wood Chips Open House. Noon -5pm. Our Woodcarvers will be in the court yard also Billiards will be open. Our craft room will also be open. Anyone who would like to sell can do so in the  craft room. Contact Joan Holmstrom if interested. 

October 22nd is the SCA Craft Fair. The club has reserved 3 tables. If interested in selling at the craft fair and have not booked your own table contact Joan Holmstrom if interested.  Also there is a sign up sheet for selling in the  ACC room. ​​​​​​​

Holiday party December 5th, Macdonald Ranch.  Food is catered by the Willows Restaurant. Cost will be $15. If plan on attending you can enroll on the website. Details of the  menu and how to submit your payment and requesting a special diet  will be coming soon. 

Lynne, ACC President. 



Woodchips Open House for Independence

Hello all,

Gary Fox, who is chair of the committee for the Woodchips sponsored Open House for Independence on October 1st from Noon to 5PM, has suggested that we open the Arts and Crafts room that afternoon if any of you wish to demonstrate and/or sell your crafts that day so we will have to room open.  If you wish to sell items you must contact Joan Holmstrom ( or leave a message at 702-427-4251)  I will provide you with a sales/ display contract and number if you don't have one and with an envelop for you to put 10% of what is sold for the club.  They are also looking for donations of craft items for a raffle and volunteers (I think for serving in the Morris Nelson room) so let a club officer know if you would like to do this.  


Joan Holmstrom

Sales Displays Update

Hello all,

Eventually I may have a group on the website just for those who have sales/display contracts, but for now I have to send to all of you..  As some of you may have noticed all items left the cases in Liberty and Independence.  I cleaned the cases last week and have begun adding items back into them.  If you have some new items you would like to display or sell I will be available in the ACC room this week on Wednesday and Friday from 1 to 3pm.  This is my usual beading time. There are forms in the file box on the desk in the room that you can use when you meet with me to list your items with prices.  Label your items with price on one side and then your initials and sales number on the back side.  If you don't have labels, I have some for you to use.  

This email is NOT for a response:  We do not receive responses from here so do not reply.  To contact me you may use the contact list for me on the website or you may email me at:   or text me or leave a voice message at 702-427-4251, but be sure to add your name so I know who it is from.  I don't answer calls unless you are in my contact list.

If you are interested in selling at the Arts and Crafts Club tables at the SCA Arts and Craft Fair on October 22nd from 9am to 1pm please let me know.  We have 3 tables and 6 members may each use a half table.  I only have one person so far.

One further item:  I am visiting some groups this week to help get members signed in for the website if you haven't done this yet.  I am bringing cookies.  Let me know if I miss you and you need help with this.   

Have a great week.

Joan Holmstrom


Upcoming events

Hello all hoping you are enjoying the cooler weather. So nice to be able to open the doors. Just a friendly reminder of upcoming events.

1. Terri Viotto will be conducting a holiday party meeting to plan decorations, menu, door prizes etc. This takes place on Tuesday Sep13th at 1pm. in the Penn room at the Independence Center. This is a great opportunity to provide input.

2. The General Meeting on September 29th is one you may not want to miss. Opportunities will be available to sign up for selling at the craft fair, signing up for the holiday party,  and completing a nomination form for the upcoming election.. Bead Weaving will be showcasing their talents.  

3. Assistance will be available to help creating a password for the new website. 

You can enroll in the events on the website by clicking on the event listed or going to the calendar. In order to do this you must be logged in. To be able to log in you must have created a password by clicking on reset my password. 

Recently the Board voted to allow voting online for teh 2023 Board election. Therefore to be bale to vote online you will need to be able to login. Another need for you to create your password. 

Your election committee consists of Pam Leslie, Carol Karl and Lorene Osterday. Thank you ladies for volunteering  for this committee. To nominate a member to be placed on the election ballot you will need to complete a form below. These will also be available in the Arts & Craft Room. 


Nomination Form for Arts & Craft Club Election of Officers for 2023.

Note: Nominees must be a paid member of ACC to be elected. If nominating a member for the ballot you must have the nominee’s permission to do so.

The nomination committee consists of Carol Karl, Lorene Osterday, Pam Leslie.



Name of Nominee



1st Vice-President (Lockers)


2nd Vice President (Sales)







Upon completion of form place it in a sealed envelope and put in the box in the located in the Arts & Craft Room.


Happy Crafting

Lynne Herndon

ACC President



Agenda for September 29 General Meeting

Sun City Anthem Arts and Craft Club

General Meeting Agenda

Thursday, September 29, 2022 2:30-4:30


  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. Vote to waive reading and accept minutes
  3. Officers’ Reports
    1. President – Lynne Herndon
    2. Treasurer – Rose Woods
    3. Vice President – Joan Holmstrom
    4. Secretary – Claire Veyveris
  4. Old Business
    1. Website Status – Lynne Herndon
    2. Woodchips Open House – Lynne Herndon
    3. Lockers & Sales– Joan Holmstrom
    4. Spirit Liaison – Lynne Herndon
    5. Membership/Sunshine Club Update – Claire Veyveris
  5. New Business
    1. Holiday Party – Terri Viotto
    2. Election Committee/Voting – Pam Leslie, Carol Karl, Lorene Osterday
    3. Arts and Craft Room Modifications -Joan Holmstrom
    4. 2023 Budget In Process– Lynne Herndon
  6. Member Comment
  7. Bead Weaving Show and Tell
  8. Refreshments

Members of Board available to assist with website registration, locker assignments, or sales contract sign up

We will be following a new format. The board will present all club business.  During this time no questions or discussion will be conducted. Following the Board presentation time will be allotted for members to ask questions. We would like individual members to keep their discussions to 3 minutes.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.   if any member would like to be added to the agenda, they may send in a request to the board to be added along with the topic two weeks prior to the meeting.

September Newsletter

Good morning crafters. I hope you are all staying cool.  We continue to add new members and would like to welcome them all to our club. Several new members have told me that they are excited to belong and have felt very welcomed.

For those members have not created a password for the new website.  To do this go to

Once you open the page you will see on the left-hand side a tab for reset password. Click on this tab and enter your email address or association number. You will then receive an email with further instructions. Once you are login you will see your profile. If any information is incorrect, you can hit the edit tab and make corrections.  Make sure you hit the save button.  Other things you can do are:

  1. If you would like to join another group, simply choose the tab for that group. You will then see a tab JOIN GROUP. Once you hit that tab you will be automatically become a member of that group. The group leader will receive an email stating you have joined the group.

  2. On the left-hand side, you will see a list of upcoming events. If you plan on attending any of these events, click on the event listed. This will take you to the calendar.  Click on the event on the calendar and you will see a window open with an option to enroll. Click the enroll button and you will then be officially enrolled.  You will receive a reminder of the upcoming event.

Enrolling prior to the events assists those organizing know how many people to expect.  I really encourage you to enroll for the General Meeting for example. Knowing the numbers to be expected helps us plan for refreshments etc. Those teaching classes will know who many to prepare for.

  1. New members can now enroll through the website by simply clicking the JOIN THE CLUB tab. They will then complete the information requested. They will be marked pending until their payment is received and processed.

A friendly reminder for those people who will be selling at any events you must contact Joan Holmstrom the club 1st Vice-president. You must have a signed contract to sell. Ten percent of your revenue goes to the club account.

The next general meeting is scheduled for September 29th. We will be following a new format. The board will present all club business.  During this time no questions or discussion will be conducted. Following the Board presentation time will be allotted for members to ask questions. We would like individual members to keep their discussions to 3 minutes.  We appreciate your corporation in this matter.   if any member would like to be added to the agenda, they may send in a request to the board to be added along with the topic two weeks prior to the meeting.

Please plan on attending the meeting. Bead weaving will be showcasing their work. Also we will have some exciting news to share. Remember to enroll.

Thank you all for choosing to be a member of our club.

Lynne Herndon

ACC Club President


Sales Update

Hello all,

It has been a very slow summer for sales.  Other than cards we have only sold one item lately.  Part of this is because it is summer and people travel and there are fewer activities in our buildings; but I think part may be due to having items in too long and people see something they have seen before and think nothing new is in the cases.  Thus I would like to return items to those who have items in Independence and Liberty except for a couple of the baby blankets I just received.  I will then clean the cases and be ready by early September to add some new items from you so our cases are fresh for the new fall shows coming up.  I have moved most items to Independence for pick up from me now.  I will be in the ACC room today 1-3pm, Tues.the 29th 12-2pm, and Wed the 31st 12-3 pm..  If you need a different time to get your items email me and I will arrange with you.  

On other sales opportunities, we will be joining Woodchips and others in the Independence Center for open house on the afternoon of October 1.  We will have sales in the Morris Nelson Room so let me know by Sept. 5th if you are interested in selling there.  It will be limited space.  

The other opportunity to sell will be at the HOA's Arts and Crafts Fair on October 22 from 9am to 1pm.  Club tables will be signed up on Sept 1 and we will have 1 free table and purchase 2 more tables.  I have put the sign up sheet in the ACC room on top of the jewelry key case if you are interested in signing for a two hour slot.  Be sure you put your sales number on that sign up and indicate 9-11 or 11-1 time slot.  If you wish to purchase your own table the sign up for HOA members is September 8th in the activities office after 8am.  Tables are $40 and additional tables are $15.  There is a maximum or 3 tables allowed.

Have a great week,

Joan Holmstrom

July Updates

Hope everyone is keeping cool. Several members have ventured to cooler climates and we hope they have a safe trip and we look forward to their return. 

The Group leaders agreed to bring back a group from a few years ago. EZ Make & Take is now reborn. This group in the past crated a project that could be finished during the Workshop time.  Examples were seasonal items and wreaths. Today many excellent Utube videos demonstrate easy craft ideas and show many using items purchased at the dollar stores.  Several people have signed up for this group in the Arts and Craft Room and others have communicated to me their interest., but I wanted to make sure everyone knows about this opportunity. If you are out of town, you can always just Email me, and I can add you to the list.   

Come and join in for the initial gathering. The meeting time for this group will be Monday July 18th, 10am -Noon. In pod A.  The first meeting will be a discussion and planning session and a group lead will be elected.  There has been conversation on the first project for a painted pinecone reef. Decisions need to be made to prepare a budget and generate ideas for crafts.  Reminder all budgets must be board approved, so no purchases can be made until that occurs.

I was in the Craft room today at the Independence center and there was no running water. Bathrooms are no flush. Before venturing to the Craft Room, you may want to take care of business first or check to see if the water is back on.   

Just a friendly reminder to Group Leads that Inventories are due. Thank you to those 7 groups who have completed the task. I know it is a pain, but it is required. Thank you for your cooperation and the work you do for your members.

Despite the heat SCA has many events planned for the summer. Remember to check them out on the website and make sure you have signed up for the Community Chronicles emailed each Monday. The Spirit Magazine also has them listed.


Lynne Herndon



Sales/Display Report

Hi all, 

Wishing all a great Independence Day Celebration!

We have had very good sales this year and some interesting displays in Anthem also.  The sales this year are about $1970.50 making the 10% to the club $197.50.  The 10% sales at the club fair, open house, and SCA arts and craft fair at our club tables made $130 for the club.  Thus the club total is about $327.50.  

Adult coloring had a very nice display in the Anthem Fitness display cases during April -June.  Now Kathy Baird from Colored Pencil has three great pictures in that display case so be sure to take time to see them.  If any other members from Colored Pencil would like to add to that display please contact me.  

There will be more opportunities for sales at the fall Open House with the other clubs in Independence on October 1, the SCA Fall arts and craft fair on October 22 at Anthem Ballroom, and the Club Fair on December 3 at Anthem Ballroom.  Watch for sign up sheets from me later for these events.

One thing I forgot in the June general meeting was to tell you about a new (kind of old) group being formed.  There used to be a group called EZ make and take.  This is being discussed to form again and would meet on Mondays.  One project being discussed is a door wreath made from pinecones.  There is a sign up sheet on the case where the cabinet keys are kept for you to indicate your interest in this group.  

Thanks to all for making great displays that really promote our club to all who see them.  You may contact me by email from the website or from email address below if any questions.

Joan Holmstom



Good afternoon everyone. I have attached the minutes of the June General Meeting. To open click on download document. A copy will also be displayed in the Arts and Craft Room. All minutes can also be found in the documents tab on the ACC website. 

I have been asked how one can see their locker number. Go to the ACC website  , you can copy and paste the link into the browser. . Then click on the locker tab and your number will then show. 

If you have not created an account on the new Website you need to do so. You only have to do this once. Click on Log in, enter your email or Anthem ID and Forgot My Password. You can then create your password and you are ready to go. You should see your profile which you can edit anytime. Make sure you always hit SAVE

New technology can often be challenging. I suggest you look around at the new website and you will see many useful features. It is easier to email board members and group leaders. Also if you decided to join another group you can hit the join tab and an email will be automatically be sent  to the group leader telling them you have joined. If assisting someone who wants to become a member tell them to go to the website and click on the login tab. Then they will click on create new membership and they can complete the form. Again they must hit the  SAVE button. 

I plan on offering  training sessions for  members in the future. 

Lynne Herndon

ACC Club President. 

Locker Report

Hi all from Joan Holmstrom,

Thought it time mid-year to catch you up on the status of lockers which seems always to be of interest to many.  I gave this report at the general meeting on Thursday and want to keep all the members up to date as well as those that attend meetings.  I know several of you are still being safe and not coming to the center at all or often.  Thus I will send updates from time to time since I am also chair of Communications committee.  

Pam and I gave out 29 lockers this year.

Some locker issues:

1  lockers occupied or empty but not on locker list

2  locker contracts missing

3  lockers with 2 people assigned though not knowingly sharing

4  lockers empty but not listed as such

5  key cabinet had some lockers with many keys and some with no keys

6  Some keys came and went missing mysteriously

7  cabinet filled with other materials making hard to get to some keys

8  master keys for only part of the lockers; others missing or never existed ?

9  lockers still occupied by persons who had not paid membership or locker fee or who had paid membership but not locker seeming to indicate giving up the locker

10 one locker full of items was eventually found by searching back to previous years belonged to someone moved out of SCA, but left items in locker.

11 It was discovered that some lockers are not too secure because some keys open multiple lockers


Board met for a few hours to sort through to see which lockers could be reassigned if empty; which needed to be contacted for payment or removal of items; in some cases of lockers not listed just trying to figure out whose items were in a locker so they could be contacted.  Each of us took on part of the tasks.  I got to contact next on the list and give out lockers; a happy job.

Eventually all available lockers were either assigned or paid and kept by the late payers.  The list was down to some still requesting upgrade to Medium upper or middle lockers or prime locker real estate as I call it.  I called each of them to see if they still wished to keep on the list and some said no and about 6 said yes so remain on the list.  Now we are back to having about 18 on the wait list.


  1. there are no available lockers
  2. To sign up there are new half sheet forms to fill out for my list information on the bulletin board; also you are able to add your name on the website to the wait list after you fill out the form.  If you don’t add on the website I will add it when I get your form.
  3. To solve the problem of missing and reappearing keys from key box I had the lock changed on it.
  4. Thus I found out about a week ago that fused glass has kept a key to the box in the kiln room so mystery solved.
  5. Locker contracts and policies are under review and input from membership will be sought before any changes are finalized.
  6. The key box is cleaned with all having one spare key per locker which is tagged correctly.  The keys have been checked with each locker by Claire and myself to be sure all keys work for that locker.  Some did not so new keys were made if needed.
  7. There are extra keys for a few lockers which I have all correctly labeled and stored so if you lose your key, just check with me and I may have one available before we have to charge for a new one to be made.
  8. We are investigating the problem of keys opening many lockers to see how extensive this is and will be changing some locks as needed.  You will be contacted if this needs to be done on your locker.  This will take some time, but security is important.

If you have a locker issue contact me at  If you lose your key I do have some extra for some lockers so a fee may not be involved if one is available for your locker.  Just let me know if you need help.  If you forgot your locker number and you get on the website, click on lockers and it tells you your number.  

Joan Holmstrom


New Restaurant.

I recently received a request from the SCA communications department. Below is there request.

"I’m sure you’ve noticed the big, white, temporary enclosure outside the closed restaurant. It’s there for a few reasons, and both have to do with the reopening of the restaurant.  Since the enclosure will be there for some time, I would like to ask the Arts and Crafts Club for some assistance painting a “Coming Soon” banner on it. 

They would like a large COMING SOON BALLOON and a sign containing the restaurant  name and logo.

If anyone would be interested in painting this on the temporary wall? In return, they’d receive a $25 gift card to the restaurant when it opens.  If possible, I’d like this to be done before the July 4th holiday weekend begins.  Obviously, I’ll meet with the artist beforehand to discuss other aspects of the paint job.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. 

If anyone is interested in this fun project, please let me know and I can send further details. This would be great PR for our club.


Lynne Herndon

ACC President.  


June Updates

Good afternoon, everyone. There are a few items to share.

  1. First a friendly reminder that we are having a General Meeting on June 23rd in the Morris Room at 2.30 pm. Refreshments will consist of ice-cream bars. In the Craft Room on top of the jewelry cabinet we use for cupboard keys there will be a signup sheet.  This will help us determine how many bars to purchase.   The highlight of the meeting will be a presentation of the wood Carvers. They are generously donating several items for door prizes. So, you do not wan to miss this one.


  1. The new website is up and running. You will need to crate a login password. The website is  Your username is your email address or Anthem ID number. Either one will work. To create your password, click on Forgot Password Button and follow directions. You should then see your profile which you can edit any item that needs correcting. Remember to hit the Save button.  If you have any questions, please contact me or another Board member before using the Website Feedback button.


  1. It has been brought to my attention that many members and some group leaders were not aware that Fused Glass and Stained Glass have applied to form their own club to begin in 2023.  If they approved this would mean, we would have two clubs sharing the same room. For those of you who are in Fused & Stained Glass and another ACC group, you would have to pay for two memberships. The proposed annual fee for the new Glass club is $45. The Board will be working with Group leaders to establish a working proposal for the transition. Further updates will be in the future.


  1. There has been a suggestion for a new group to be established that focuses on craft items. Apparently, there was such a group in the past. The purpose of this group would make items such as seasonal projects, wreaths, gnomes, crafts from supplies from the dollar store, decorating lampshades etc. If this interests you there will be an interest signup sheet at the general meeting and in the ACC room.  


Lynne Herndon

ACC President


General Meeting June 23rd, 2022

Good afternoon everyone. This is a friendly reminder that there will be an ACC General Meeting on June 23rd at 2.30pm in the Morris Room.  The highlight will be a presentation from the Wood Carvers, who have also graciously donated a walking stick and carved item for door prizes. The usual gift card will also be raffled. Ice cram bars will be served. Please come and show your support for the Wood Carvers and the Arts and Craft Club. This is an opportunity to meet other members. See Agenda below:

Lynne Herndon

ACC Club President


Sun City Anthem Arts and Crafts Club

General Meeting Agenda

Thursday, June 23, 2022

2:30-4:30 pm

Morris/Penn Rooms

Independence Center

Call to Order and Establish Quorum

Vote to waive reading and accept minutes

Officers’ Reports

  1.  President – Lynne Herndon
  2. Treasurer – Rose Woods
  3. 1st VP – Joan Holmstrom
  4. Secretary – Claire Veyveris

Old Business

  1. Club Fair – Joan Holmstrom/Claire Veyveris
  2. Social Committee/Communications Committee – Joan Holmstrom
  3. Spirit Liaison – Lynne Herndon

New Business

  1. Website Is Live! – Lynne Herndon
  2.  Lockers – Joan Holmstrom
  3. Glass Club – Lynne Herndon
  4. Sunshine Club Update – Claire Veyveris
  5. Locker Manager position & Locker waitlist on website – Joan Holmstrom
  6. Room and/or Equipment and/or Supplies Request – Lynne Herndon

Open Forum/Other Business

Drawing for Gift Card, and Wood Carvers donations

Next Meeting is Thursday, September 29


Wood Carvers Presentation

Ice Cream Treats!


Holiday Party

Mark your Calendars. The Holiday Party will be held in the  ZIon room at Sun City Macdonald Ranch. The date is 12/5/2022, time 11am-1pm. A hot buffet will be served. Further information to follow. 

New website/General Meeting

Members, the new website is now active. The first thing you will need to do is create your login information. Go to You can do this by pressing the control key down and place your mouse over the link at the same time and then click. Another option is to copy and paste the link in your browser.

Once the website opens, click on the Log in button on the end of the right side of the menu bar. Enter your email or association number. Then hit the Forgot My Password button and create a password.

You should now be logged in. You will see your profile, which you can edit by clicking on the edit button. (If you make any changes make sure you hit the save button at the bottom of the page.)

If you do not have a landline, enter your cell phone number in both home and cell slots.

I suggest you bookmark the website page once you have access.

If you found this email in your spam here is what you can do to prevent it from doing that in the future. In you contacts add

For those who share an email address, one of you can use the email and the other the association number. You both cannot use the same email as part of the login.

You will see the groups that you have indicated you are interested in your profile. The website allows you to join a group easily and will automatically send an email to the group leader stating you have joined a group.


This will be a learning curve for all of us. If you have any questions or problems let me know. You can easily email by clicking on the contacts tab.


Lastly a friendly reminder that the next General Meeting is June 23rd at 2.30pm in the Morris room. The highlight will be a presentation by the woodcarvers, so please come and show your support.  Please check the website often as we will be adding a feature where you can indicate if you will be attending the general meeting. This will help determine the number of refreshments needed. We will be serving ice cream bars at this meeting.


Thank you everyone for your support of the Arts & Craft Club. Hope you enjoy the new website.


ACC Club President