2023 In Arts and Crafts Club

Dear Members of the Arts & Crafts Club,

Welcome to 2023! As your new president, I look forward to an exciting and creative year for all. As my first duty, I would like to thank some incredible people.

  • The Election Committee. Pam Leslie, Carol Karl and Lorene Osterday made our first election using the new website a true success. They did more than they signed up for, so much more.
  • Lynne Herndon. Our outgoing president has done an incredible job. Her work not only included getting the website up and running, but her dedication improved our club in countless ways. She has been gracious and kind to me in this transition, and I am so grateful.
  • Thanks also to last year's Board members, Rose Woods and Pam Yates for caring about, and stepping up for the club.
  • Joan Holmstrom, Claire Veyveris and Marcia Thompson. They are brave enough to sign up for another round with a new, inexperienced president. They truly brought this club forward and I am so excited to learn from them everyday. And thanks to Niki DeMeulemeester for joining the crew.
  • Group Leaders and Co-Leaders. You are the heart of this club. Members learn, grow and enjoy because of the efforts the you put in each and every week. My job is to lighten your administrative burden so you can continue to do your magic.
  • Robin WIlen. As past, past president, I personally appreciate your time and thoughts.
  • Members. You are clever, creative and an inspiration always.

Going forward, a few dates to keep in mind.

  • The Arts and Crafts Open House is now scheduled for Saturday March 4th from 9 until noon.
  • Our first General Meeting is scheduled for Friday February 13th at 2pm. You're invited!

I'm not going to lie; this job is a bit intimidating. You should anticipate that I will screw up when I least expect it, but I will do my best to keep this club a place that you can come to be creative, to make incredible friends and experience joy. Don't hesitate to contact me on the website or at matacclub@gmail.com.

I appreciate your patience with this LONG missive and look forward to working and playing with you in 2023.

Mary Ann Thyken, A & C President